What unites us

No matter where you are in the world, a couple of things are always the same. People are passionate about sports, it brings us together. We cherish our art and heritage and share the masterpieces our culture brought forth. And we care about nature.

That is what brought Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer Giant to Brabant, the Netherlands. They appreciate Van Gogh’s work. So much so, that they gladly join forces with the people who try to preserve and share Van Gogh’s heritage here in Brabant. So much so, that we collaborate so easily. It’s all because of… Art. Sport. Nature. It’s all because of Vincent. We know why we’re doing it, both here in Brabant and there in Taiwan.

Thank you for joining us on a beautiful ride.

A one-of-a-kind bike

Exceptional in its quality. Uniquely printed with one of Vincent van Gogh’s most admired paintings. Because riding is, as is art, a celebration of being alive. In nature. In the sun. Soaking it all in.

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