Tom Dumoulin underlines the statement by Vincent van Gogh

‘One must work and dare if one really want to live’

Tom Dumoulin

Tom Dumoulin combines the drive to push for more with a sense of calm and wonder. To take a moment to take it all in. Breathe a little. Then lean in and with equal measures talent and dedication, to become one of the best riders of his generation. Winning the 2017 Giro d’Italia, ‘During the Giro, I also grew mentally, Iíve learned to push myself even harder than I thought I ever could.
I always set my goals high, but ensure my expectations remain realistic.’

Team Sunweb Giant Propel

This season WorldTour squad Team Sunweb will not only be racing Giant bikes, but also Giant wheels — along with Giant helmets, Giant shoes, Giant stems, Giant bars and more. The move to house-brand wheels under elite pro teams represents a trend among major bike brands.


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