With the launch, we started our 250 bicycles long journey. And from the first sale, it proves to be a wondrous ride that will take us places we could never expect. And you know what, we’re ready for it.

Each bicycle is uniquely made. Of course, they share the same basic design and are all produced with equal care. But they differ. It reminds us of Van Gogh’s sunflower project itself. He did not just paint a gorgeous bouquet of sunflowers, no, he drew and painted them over and over again. To capture them at all stages, in all shades of yellow. Each painting, finding a new way into the soul of the sun-soaked flower. Of course, we are no van Gogh’s, but our artists Ted and Jim Cranen will make that painting come alive on 250 bicycles.

Along the way, we will meet the buyers and enthusiasts. Art lovers. Sports fans. People who love to ride through natural landscapes. It will be a fantastic ride. We don’t know where it will bring us. But we sure plan to enjoy every twist and turn along the way. And, if you’re reading this, we are happy to have you riding alongside us.



At the moment we are busy with the preparations and work together with our partner BrabantSport. For more information, see their website or the video below.


A one-of-a-kind bike

Exceptional in its quality. Uniquely printed with one of Vincent van Gogh’s most admired paintings. Because riding is, as is art, a celebration of being alive. In nature. In the sun. Soaking it all in.

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