Profwielerronde Etten-Leur

On Sunday, August 19th everyone can come and admire the bicycle during the Profwieler round in Etten-Leur. We are present at the Wielerplein (for the Nieuwe Nobelaer theater), surrounded by presentations, entertainment and catering.

All day activities are planned on both the course for the riders and in the vicinity of the course. Come and see Tom Dumoulin, Chris Froome, Sam Oome, Bauke Mollema, Wout Poels and of course Geraint Thomas, winner of the Tour de France 2018.

Vincent in Etten-Leur

Vincent van Gogh visited Etten regularly between 1875 and 1882, mostly when he needed money. At that time his father was a preacher there in the Dutch Reformed Church. In April 1881 Vincent came back destitute to the West Brabant village. His parents took him in reluctantly, as he was not an easy person to live with. But this time he had a plan. The spirits had moved him and he wanted to become an artist.

This ambition brought some direction into the life of the 28 year old Vincent. Etten became the turning point. He stayed in the parsonage next to the church for nine months. He also set up his first studio there. He made hundreds of sketches and drawings. A large number of these can be found in museums all over the world.

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