‘One must work and dare if one really want to live’

Vincent van Gogh


The Vincent Van Gogh Aero Road Bike is much more than just a bicycle. To celebrate art, an active lifestyle and the appreciation of nature, we will regularly go on adventures together. Our first tour could very well be a long ride from beautiful Brabant to alluring Arles – or vice versa.

Dubai Bicycle Show 2019

An extraordinary bicycle that combines Giant’s astonishing technology with one of the world’s most celebrated works of art. Van Gogh’s masterpiece sunflower series turns an already spectacular bicycle into a collector’s item. Literally, because it is...

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Tilburg Fiets Festival 2018

Passion and experience around cycling This weekend on Sunday 16 September from 11 am to 5 pm in the Koepelhal and Wagenmakerij in Tilburg (Spoorzone) you can experience everything about cycling. Passion and experience around cycling, that's what it's all...

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Present during Profwielerronde Etten-Leur

Profwielerronde Etten-Leur On Sunday, August 19th everyone can come and admire the bicycle during the Profwieler round in Etten-Leur. We are present at the Wielerplein (for the Nieuwe Nobelaer theater), surrounded by presentations, entertainment and...

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The journey has begun!

With the launch, we started our 250 bicycles long journey. And from the first sale, it proves to be a wondrous ride that will take us places we could never expect. And you know what, we’re ready for it.

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Proof Quality

This label guarantees the quality of a ‘Vincent van Gogh’ product. It ensures that the maker cares more than average for the quality of the product itself and strives for a minimal impact on the environment and nature during production. The product was conceived and developed in Brabant – with attention to craftsmanship and craft. It uses Van Gogh’s work in a thoughtful way to tell the story of Van Gogh. And with part of the proceeds the maker contributes to retaining and sharing the cultural heritage of Vincent van Gogh in Brabant, now, later and in the distant future.