‘I dream my painting and I paint my dream.’

Vincent van Gogh

All about a unique bike…

The Vincent Van Gogh Aero Road Bike is the result of a remarkable joint effort of culture and sports advocacy in Brabant. Designer Tomas Snels previously teamed up with Van Gogh Brabant to produce the handcrafted Vincent shoes by his design. This time, he teamed up with with Ted and Jim Cranen; reproduction pioneers, specialised in custom design bicycles. It was their prototype and more than a decade long collaboration with Giant that got the wheels turning. Marcel van Heeswijk also strengthens the team with its expertise in business administration and process. The circle is complete when BrabantSport also commits itself to this special collective. Photographing Paul Raats brings the beautiful moments as an experienced photographer.

Ultimately, these unique bicycles exist because these partners put their knowledge and expertise together.

Giant Bicycles; producing the state-of-the-art best-performance bicycle.
Van Gogh Brabant; lining up both knowledge and network about Vincent van Gogh’s life in Brabant.
Brabant Sport; enthusiast sports promotors, delivering a robust network and marketing expertise.
Unlimited Colors; introducing a new method of applying an image to a frame, creating top quality and visual performance.
tomas concept & creation; bringing the excellent design, extensive marketing knowledge and entrepreneurship to make it happen.
Paul Raats is an artist in creating the perfect image. With his passion for photography and sports, he always manages to create a unique image.

Proof Quality

This label guarantees the quality of a ‘Vincent van Gogh’ product. It ensures that the maker cares more than average for the quality of the product itself and strives for a minimal impact on the environment and nature during production. The product was conceived and developed in Brabant – with attention to craftsmanship and craft. It uses Van Gogh’s work in a thoughtful way to tell the story of Van Gogh. And with part of the proceeds the maker contributes to retaining and sharing the cultural heritage of Vincent van Gogh in Brabant, now, later and in the distant future.