A Vincent Van Gogh story - by Tomas Snels

Looking back on all the beautiful moments of last year, I thought it would be fun to bring an ode to my parents and Vincent Van Gogh.

A special gift for Tom Dumoulin

Celebrating both his wedding day and an exceptional partnership with Giant the past five years, Giant presented Tom Dumoulin with a limited TCR inspired by the work by another prolific Dutch figure. Stay tuned for the full reveal!

Unique Limited Edition

Vincent van Gogh Giant Aero Road Bike

Everything about the bicycle is extraordinary. From its expertly designed and crafted frame to the technology used to perfectly capture the image. But the most breathtaking aspect, of course, is Van Gogh’s masterpiece. His Sunflower Series, painted in 1888, is one of his most defining works.

This unique bicycle is produced in a limited, numbered, edition. The purchase price is set at € 19,500,- (incl. VAT, excl. transport). After 250 bikes, production stops. If you cannot wait and want to ensure having a collector’s item bicycle, you can now.

Giant Technologies

Vincent Van Gogh Giant TCR

Do you want to own the same Van Gogh bike as Tom Dumoulin? Now you can! Inspired by all positive reactions we have now made the Vincent van Gogh TCR available for general public. The launch of this very special edition is supported by a very special price: € 14,995,- (instead of the regular price of € 17,000,-). Be quick because this special offer is only valid for the next two months.

Please contact our Sales Support department for more information.

"One must work and dare if one really wants to live"

Vincent van Gogh

Tom Dumoulin underlines the statement by Vincent van Gogh

’One must work and dare if one really wants to live’

Vincent van Gogh

Support Van Gogh Heritage

With your bike, you support Vincent van Gogh’s heritage in the place of his birth, Brabant. Ride with pride, enjoy nature and visit the places he lived, painted and where his talent grew.

The bicycles are part of two programs. One contributing to the preservation of the Van Gogh cultural heritage in North Brabant, the Netherlands. And one social initiative aiming to inspire and develop sport in Brabant and Brabant’s sports talents.

Protestant church - Nuenen

Vincent painted the going out of the Reformed church in Nuenen in 1884/1885




Cycle through the Brabant country on the Van Gogh race bike past these cultural historic monuments.

Dutch Reformed Parsonage - Nuenen



Vincent painted the Dutch Reformed Parsonage in Nuenen in 1885


Cycle through the Brabant country on the Van Gogh race bike past these cultural historic monuments.

Opwettense water mill - Nuenen

Vincent painted the water mill in Opwetten in Nuenen in 1884



Cycle through the Brabant country on the Van Gogh race bike past these cultural historic monuments.

News and events

Reise + Camping fair Essen

Reise + Camping fair Essen

Region Brabant and Van Gogh Cycle path The REISE + CAMPING trade fair took place in Essen from 26 February to 1 March. VisitBrabant presented the Brabant region as a travel destination. Vincent van Gogh and the cultural heritage around it is an important theme for...

Shake to Win launch – Amsterdam

Shake to Win launch – Amsterdam

Travelers and cycling The kick-off of the Chinese platform Shaketowin took place in Amsterdam on 14 February. Vincent van Gogh Bike works together with Shake to Win to bring Vincent van Gogh's cultural heritage to the attention of Chinese travelers in Europe and to...

A Vincent van Gogh story – by Tomas Snels

A Vincent van Gogh story – by Tomas Snels

”One must work and dare if one realy wants to live” Vincent van Gogh A long-cherished wishIn the autumn of 2017, the possibility arose to realize a long-cherished wish.I had the ambition to develop a unique Vincent Van Gogh Road Bike. I found the people around me with...

Posted @withregram • @vangoghbrabant The harvest of the #sunflowers will start soon. Did you know that the sole of the original Vincent van Gogh shoes are made with #potatoes and #sunflowerseeds? So everywhere you walk you will leave behind a little bit of Vincents inspiration! #vangogh #shoes #fashion #ecofriendly #sustainablefashion ...

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Beautiful cycling weather. Enjoy. 🌻🌞 #vangogh #spring #brabant #cycling ...

Je mag solo een rondje maken op de racefiets. Als je in de buurt van Nuenen woont is het mooi om daar natuur en cultuur op te snuiven tijdens je rit. Je fietst daar heel gemakkelijk van het ene naar het andere Van Gogh Monument via de Van Gogh fietsroute. Op de foto zie je bijvoorbeeld de pastorie waar de ouders van Vincent woonden en wat hij verschillende keren schilderden rond 1885. Het pand is nog precies als in de tijd van Vincent. Waan je in de tijd van Vincent Van Gogh en geniet van deze unieke plekjes in Brabant. Raak je bevangen, dan kun je de rit langs de schilderachtige plekken ook op een heuse Vincent Van Gogh Bike maken.

You can make a solo tour on the road bike. If you live near Nuenen, it is nice to experience nature and culture during your ride. You can easily cycle from one Van Gogh Monument to another via the Van Gogh cycle route. In the photo you can see, for example, the rectory where Vincent's parents lived and what he painted several times around 1885. The building is still exactly as it was in the time of Vincent. Imagine yourself in the time of Vincent Van Gogh and enjoy these unique places in Brabant. If you get caught up, you can also take the ride along the scenic spots on a real Vincent Van Gogh Bike. #vangogh #nuenen #brabant #culture #cyclinglife #vincentvangogh #vangoghomdehoek #vangogharoundthecorner

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Die Vincent kende mooie schilderachtige plekjes in #Brabant. Je kan nog steeds door zijn ogen naar die zelfde taferelen kijken door er lekker langs te fietsen. Bijvoorbeeld op een heuse #vincentvangoghbike 🌻. Er is altijd op fietsafstand een #vangoghomdehoek. Hier bijvoorbeeld de #opwettensewatermolen die #vincentvangogh schilderde in 1884. 🎨

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Tomas Snels, a well-known Dutch designer and creative planning master, has been engaged in product design and creative planning for more than 20 years. He has served many international brands and is also one of the essential partners of the tourist destination in Europe. His continuous creativity and enthusiasm for the sustainable development of product design. With the Van Gogh series of products, he collaborated with the Van Gogh Cultural Heritage Foundation. We will exclusively introduce a series of Van Gogh products designed by Tomas for sale in China and the Asia-Pacific region.
Official Website: https://tomasconceptcreation.com

When you cycle through #Brabant you can spontaneously come across a Van Gogh Monument. Like here for example in #Helvoirt. #vangogh #vangoghhelvoirt #giantbenelux ...

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